This is a course addressed to students living abroad. Please contact to access the course.

This online English B2 course has three modules. Each module has 4 Units. Each Unit has 15 activities. The last one is usually a Revision. You can work on any Module and complete any activity in whatever order. However, it is strongly recommended that you complete them sequentially. When an activity is successfully completed a green tick will appear. If an activity is failed, a red cross will be shown. The pass grade set for each activity is 60% and is automatically calculated.

At the end of the course, there are two 'Exam practice'. These will offer you a chance to familiarise with the English B2 test.

Good luck!

This online English B2 course is only addressed to Polytechnics first-degree graduating students. If you are a graduating student, you can access this course by using your Unige ID and password. 

This is a B2 online course meant as a trainer towards sitting the English B2 test. By completing the activities, students will be able to self-assess their level of preparation.

However, if you are a graduating student and English B2 is an exam in your career, you should not take this course.

For further information, please contact

This online English B2 course is only addressed to postgraduate Polytechnics students belonging to the following groups:

a. degree course "Architettura" (9915)

b. degree course "Design prodotto evento" (11440)

If you do not belong to any of the above post-graduate degree courses, you cannot access the course. For further information, please contact